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Boundary Space, 2021

Solo Exhibition

Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai, EAE

Ishmael Randall Weeks makes his sculptures and two dimensional works from adobe, mineral substrates, rattan screens, mud, glass and metal. They constitute a world that emerges from history and memory, navigating between the contemporary, the archaic, tradition and folklore. Often taking the visual form of functional objects, they are stripped of their productivity to address notions of labour and utility, and force a re examination of our understanding of culturally specific forms, while exploiting and adapting their particular codes and associations. Randall Weeks weaves together Mesoamerican and Arabic motifs, anthropology, politics and archaeology, whilst also adopting industrial design nuances, where the influence of Russian Constructivism and Suprematicism (Vladimir Tatlin and Kasimir Malevich), the Neo Concrete artists of Brazil (Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark), Mexican Modernism movement (Matías Goeritz and Luis Barrangan) intertwine to open up a dialogue on structure, fragility, form, and popular culture within the creation of ‘new’ cities.

‘Boundary Space’ refers to the spaces at the intersection between architecture and anthropology. They are intermediate spaces; the blurred lines in architecture which assume new roles through human habitation/use. Randall Weeks’ sculptures suggest this dissolved boundary; by dictating behaviour and rules while facilitating movement, communication, voyeurism and passing through from one space to an other.

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