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Experimentos, camuflajes, bunkers, 2008

Muestra personal

Kiosko, Bolivia

The Work prepared for "Experiments, Camouflages and Bunkers" uses recognizable forms of utilitarian structures, but alters them. The alteration in this case becomes the mechanism used as a tool to expose and incorporate references to a pre-existing imaginary within the psychological aspects configured in the architectural or in the industrial design. It is a process of reassembling, re-inventing and internalizing the graphic design aspects within the utility of the object where the use of the form is personalized but still accessible due to a basic cultural level of recognizability. This recombination and hybridization of the altered materials form objects (a used Tire hammock, mirrored fruit boxes, a camouflaged coca leaf tent, construction materials, cast bronze and aluminum trash, etc.) that could potentially have a use. , but instead this possibility is negated - in an economically productive way in favor of an allegorical narrative within a personal and culturally shared vocabulary. I try to infuse and confuse these everyday structures to create allegorical spaces that serve to question the contradictions exposed in the language of representation and to signal an anxiety that is felt within the recent production through science, specifically the problematic situation of the combination of utility and aesthetics in relation to our environment and ourselves.

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