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Necesito alas para volar, lapiz y piedra para estudiar y flores para nuestra muerte, 2016

Lo Real Absoluto

Group Exhibition

Revolver Gallery in collaboration with Jorge Villacorta

We are first greeted by Ishmael Randall Week’s “Necesito alas para volar, lápiz y piedra para estudiar y flores para nuestra muerte” installation. Three large sized cement structures shaped like paper planes and suspended on tripods, enclose the space not only because of their position, but because of the trajectories indicated by each piece. Even if the title and shapes take us back to an affective and ludic universe, the artwork’s focus on the weight, volume and construction, lands a metaphor about a world filled with conditioning factors.

Translated extract from a text by Max Hernández Calvo

Diario El Comercio, May 2016

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