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Quoin, 2013

Solo Project

Eleven Rivington Gallery, New York

Randall Weeks is known for his use of found and re-purposed materials including tires, boat parts, construction fragments, magazines, books and printed pages for his installations and sculptures.  The discarded materials both retain a hint of their original form, while the craft of redefining the known object transcends its original identity, imbuing a different denotation. Explorations of found material and alteration are closely intertwined in his new 16mm film projection, featured in this exhibition, and in his 35mm slide projections, shown at The Drawing Center.  In these works, Randall Weeks intuitively responds to images on found film by manipulating, painting, and cutting. His work probes issues of urbanization, development, travel, mobility and migration.  He also explores the social and political changes in Peru and Latin America that occurred over the last 50 years, which are historicized in mechanically produced images -books, magazines, vintage photographs and film.

The word ‘Quoin’ is a masonry term to describe the cornerstone or external solid angle of a wall. It can also be a wedge shaped piece of wood, stone, or other material used for various purposes in construction. The cast newspaper blocks (one a day) are literally Quoins and metaphorically function as parts and pieces of a maquette puzzle for urban planning. The images of first cast cement and steel factories build in S. America have cut out spaces referencing these Quoins.

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