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La construcción del lugar común, 2008
Group show
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Lima

Yunsa is a work that combines many elements, although the main part of it is a a sort of water tower with greenery growing on the platform, a greenhouse made out of plastic bottles, and a sculpture made out of remnants.
It was a work that I did with some hesitance as I was asked to make a work for a show in the then abandoned skeletal space of what would be Lima’s Contemporary Art museum. My hesitance came because the actual museum was embroiled in a problematic situation where they “The Private investors and collectors” had coerced the then Mayor in allowing them to construct this museum in a public park that then became privatized. The Architect, to my eye, had not properly evaluated the space of the park for the museum, and had to the detriment of what could have been a grand collaboration cut down most of the old trees and filled in with rubble what was a lake.

Although I am very for the idea of creating this contemporary art museum, I felt, that this was a real scar, but I agreed to make the work in the hopes of making some symbiotic relationship between the museum and the park well as a sculpture that talked of bigger concerns.

I used two tree segments from the cut down trees to make a kind of pulley balance contraption that would, through a drip irrigation system, self irrigate the small islands of trees in the sandy soil of the floor. My hope was that these trees and vegetation would, over time, re-conquer the museum, and would create a park within the museum. It was a kind of old giving to the new reference.

The title comes from and Andean Carnival celebration called Yunsa.

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