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Arco Madrid, 2019

Group exhibition

Peru Guest Country (Peruvian section). Madrid, Spain

Curated by Sharon Lerner

A total of 23 Peruvian artists, represented by galleries from different countries, have been selected by Sharon Lerner, contemporary art curator at the the Lima Art Museum, to participate in the programme 'Peru at ARCO'. In addition to this presence, the country's artistic scene will also be reflected in the conversations at the Peru Forum.

The selection curated by Sharon Lerner will bring together the most international generation of Peruvian artists, many of whom are under fifty years of age and have pursued a large part of their careers in other countries. The emphasis on the importance of the artists and their origins over and above other geographic limitations will also be shown in this space, which aims to disseminate the work of artists from Peru from the past century until now.
Continuing with ARCOmadrid's commitment to individual presentations and those created in a dialogue, the format also extends to the galleries of ' Peru at ARCO`. This programme will bring together a total of 23 artists from the country, including Ishmael Randall Weeks, Fernando Bryce, Teresa Burga, Sandra Gamarra, Miguel Aguirre, Antonio Páucar, Herbert Rodríguez, Elena Damiani, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, José Vera Matos, Carlos Runcie Tanaka and Rita Ponce.


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