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Escombros, 2014
Solo show
Galería Arróniz Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México

Where are our convictions located? Where are the pillars that sustain us and in turn sustain our cities? And after where, how? if the foundations are made of eroded matter that questions how much more they can support, if the most resistant forms have been penetrated by the totality of the landscape that merges with them, forcing them to redesign with it, or else, succumb. This vulnerability of the material with which we build, with all its historical and sensitive load, allows us to draw a section in it, where its layers are exposed and the porosity of its surface shows the sum of our failures over time, errors where the improvement of techniques and elements, transferred to areas closer to the equator, has lost too much in the translation and implementation implemented from the incompatible, resulting in plans whose phases are transformed into fractures of a construction at times.
The different states of that latent structure; anchored to the floor, floating or stacked, all flimsy, they hold the promise of keeping the cycle of things going; build towards the sky and back to the ground, like everything that is natural. New ruins in constant transformation of a project of civilization and modernity that is destined to be a coordinate in History always founded on the rubble and no longer on the fertile. And behind this project, man, as the often ignorant measure of all things, of all his intentions placed at the center, above and below a reclaimed land that is saturated with his concepts, turned into buildings with a dual weight that it is distributed from the subsoil to the social dynamics that activate its volumes; progress and wear and tear, as in physical exercise, as in life and the systems that maintain it, sometimes desperately.

Luis Navas

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